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A lot of hard work has gone into preparing DreamWrights for construction that begins this Monday, April 3. We have so very many dedicated volunteers to thank.

Crew and Cast of Pride and Prejudice holding up the beam that will be removed

It is hard to imagine that it was almost exactly a year ago, in April 2016, that we launched our capital campaign to achieve two strategic goals: revitalize a landmark historic building and grow programs and audience. Capital Campaign Committee Co-Chairs, Suzanne McConkey and J.T. Hand along with Campaign Consultant, Jessica Brubaker, and all of our Capital Campaign Ambassadors and Solicitors led DreamWrights in raising $1.8 million dollars towards the revitalization. From Louis Appell’s foundation gift to Sophie Nicholson’s and Maddie Trimmer‘s contributions, we thank everyone who did their part to help DreamWrights raise enough to get Phase 1 of the project started.

With the approval of Phase 1, many hands kicked into high gear helping with sorting, organizing, and moving. “Tear It Up Tuesdays” were an extremely effective way to make major progress week by week. Thank you to all of our Pride and Prejudice teens and Rodd Robertson who worked diligently each Tuesday – you guys are amazing. Additional thanks to Jim Stauch, Sue Davis, Kevin Mikula, Colby Geesey, Saria Rumsey, Katelyn and Ryan Harper, Matthew and Jacob Schlenker, Amy Young, Mitch McLaughlin, Joe Wagman, Paula Rineer, Susan Fife, the Weiskopf clan, Tynia Smallwood, Laticia Yumang, Dana Cutti, Laura Laux, Renee Taylor, Brett Catone, Annie Stich, Andrea, Dave and Jonah Unger, Andi Cooper, Stacey Kuhn, Becky Rill, Kevin Alvarnaz, Suzanne and Vance McConkey.

Susan Conway shows off new entrance

Pretty soon you’ll be entering our building by a new door. You won’t recognize our snazzy new concessions area and our sparkly, new, and compliant restrooms. Unless you’re sentimental, you probably won’t miss our old, rickety elevator when it is replaced with a new one. But what we are mostly excited about is our new studio space, the additional audiences we hope to reach, and the expanded collaborations we plan to cultivate.

Jim Stauch and Ann Davis

Stay tuned to our progress on our website construction page. And remember, the show must go on! So we will continue with Peter Pan and Mary and summer camps as usual, even during this time of transition. Finally, we can’t wait to introduce all of you to the new space at a special 20th anniversary event in the fall.