Grateful for Give Local York

Thanks to YOU –
We Did It!

We raised $34,876
(not counting stretch pool dollars)
against our goal of $26,500!
And we beat our target of 265 donors
by 2 donors at 267!

Thank YOU – 2023 GLY Donors

Anonymous (16)
Andy Arnold
Adrianne Avillion
Karla & Ed Baker
Carrie Becker
Suzanne Becker
Karina Beckman
Lyn and Fred Bergdoll
Lauren Bergman
Doug & Kristin Berman
Bessette Family
Tommy & Patti Billet
Carole & Scott Bitzer
Alex Bitzer
Alexa Born
Rob Bowen
Sarah Brackbill
Win Bradley
Tom & Ruth Ann Brant
Ignacio DeCandia
Charlie & Lydia Brennan
Patricia Brennan
John Gregory Brown
Christina Brown
Dana & Marie Brown
John Brown
Liv Brumfield
Mike & Betsy Buckingham
Denise& Daniel Burke
Sarah, Joe & Madeline Cahill
Joan Caruso
Mark & Rosa Luz Catterall
Mindy & Archie Christian
Zachary Claghorn
Richard Colucci
Dan & Aimee Confer
Joel & Susan Conway
Cynthia Conway
James CRAFT and Son
Susan Craver
Hayley Croom
Vaughn & Ashley Crouse
Crowne Voice
Sarah Dailey
Ann Davis
Calida Pat and Kai
Gregory DeCandia & Kate Brennan
Marcie & Frank Decandia
Sarah & Noelle DeCandia
Jessica DeCandia
Jeff DeCandia
Dee & George DeCandia
Randy & Bobbi Anne
The Detar Family
The Hewitts
Sarah Dorward
Rebecca Eastman
Chloe Eichelberger
Judith Eyler
Lisa Fast
Miranda Figard
Flickinger’s Auto Service
Chelsea Foster
Joan & Tim Fulton
Brian & Jonelle Gabsewics
Eve Gardner
Janel Geesey
Kelley Gibson
Meagan & Philip Given
Megan Gleyze
Mike & Lisa Glezer
Jacqueline Good
Donnie Good
Becky Goodling
Hilary Graves
Teresa Greider
Suzanne Griest
Grove Insurance Agency
Mindi Haines
Cody Harris
Kim Henry
Deborah Henry
Sean Hermanns
Laura & Wendell Hershey
Laurie Heyer
Jeffrey Hines
Shashank Hirachan
George Hirko
Denny Hutton
Kathleen Hutton
The Irwins of Long Beach!
Emily Johnson
William & Sheila Jones
Bill Kauffman
Pete & Jackie Kauffman
Steve Kauffman
Jaci Keagy
Bernie Keller
Maria Kennison
Sean & Laura Kenny
Karlynn Kerney
Georgetta Kerney
William S. Kerney, Sr
Jeff & Kelly Kile
The Kirk-Jadric Family
Tiffany & John Klosterman
Hardy & Lori Koenig
Kominsky Family
Koplitz Family
Gretchen Kowalik
Susan Krebs
Scott & Kittie Kurz
Sheryl Leaman
Stanton & Jane Lebouitz
Lou Ann Lehman
Dory Lerew
Kaitlin LeRoy
Iris Lewin
Merrie Lindsey
Jeanne M Irwin
Stacey MacNeal
Isabelle Masquelier
The Matseur Family
Dan May
Michelle Mayer
Jennifer McCabe
Mickey Mouse
SV McConkey
Mary Jo McDonough
Shannon McElroy
Priscilla McFerren
Beth McNally
Mallory McVey
Henri McVey
Allison Meckley
Trisha Melikian
Bruce, Karen and Sara
Kirsten Moe
Rachael M
Amy K Mullen Johnson
Colleen Murphy
AJ Myers
Cory Nade
Lori Neikirk
Nancy Newton
Wim & Cassi Ney
Nowak Family: Thanks for the ride!
Nowell Family
Tavon Parker
Jim Paschke
Jodi Pender
Brandy Portonova
Mike Pritchard
Explore York Prize
Melinda Pruss
The Pullo Family
Jen Raffensperger
Ed & Claudia Rayer
Susan Reiley
Paula Rineer
Rodd Robertson & Richard Nath
Annette Roderick
James Rodkey
Maria Rodriguez
Romanik Family
Jan & Ron Ruman
Vicki Rutter
Louis Salazar
Jose & Joyce Santiago
Phyllis Schiding
Carol Schintz
Keith & Diane Schmuck
Marlena Schugt
Suzie and Peter Schuler
Anne M Scoufalos
Frank Seeley
John &Lisa Senft
JJ Sheffer
Judy Simpson
Jeanine Skaats
Jayme Smith
Ryan Snider
Amanda & Vincienzo Spalla
Tiffani Spangler
Jessica Sprenkle
Shelley Stewart
C Strange
Karin Swartz
Meg Swartz
Paolo Terlazzo
Rosa Terlazzo
Michael Thew
Cindy Thoman-Terlazzo
Jolene Tolbert
Terri Tolomeo
Toren Family
Erica Townes
Andy & Hilary Trout
Jennifer Trout
Craig & Ginny Turner
David & Helen Tuten
Chuck Uglietta
Debbie Vandover McFeinics
Chris Velez
Jo Wagaman
Rich & Carol Wagman
Joe Wagman
Wagman Corporate Community Fund
Wagman Employee Match
Michael & Hope Ward
Mark & Janielle Warner
Dylan Warner
Edward Watson
Debbie Weaver
Lisa & Rich Wendt
Janice Westlake
David Lee White
Amber Wiesberg
Anita Williams
Nina Williams-Riley
Dean Wiltsie
Charlie & Holly Wise
Allison Witherow
Corey Wolfe
Curvin & Angela Wolfgang
Rob Yacoviello
Carolyn Yates
John G Yates
Amy Young

Gift Given in Honor Of:
Ann Davis
The DeCandia/Brennan Family
Greg DeCandia
Terri Spiegel-Tolomeo
Amy Young

Gifts Given in Memory Of:

Steve Doud
Char Geller
Daniel Good
Rio Gonzalez’ Grandfather
Ace Kauffman
Arlene Krause
Sophia Marsicano
Ann Noll

Thanks to our Board Chair, Corey Wolfe, and staff member Gregory DeCandia for offering rides around downtown GLY happenings! Thanks to our Board, Staff and Volunteers for hosting our “Stops” at The Grotto, The Commons, and the Ballpark. 

We met our matches :
Strong Start – Board/Staff Match – Gifts in between 9pm and midnight on Thurs May 4 were matched 1:1 up to $2,650!

One Thousand Doubled
– we’ll received another $1000 when we raised $1000 between 6:00-8:00am on May 5th

265 Challenge – The 265th donor’s gift to DW unlocked another $265!

Anonymous Donor $500 Match – all gifts after midnight (up to $50) will be matched

Pullo Family Match – All gifts received between 9:00am and 3:00pm on Friday May 5 (up to $50) were matched by Bob & Donna Pullo until the $5000 match pool was depleted.

Our Inaugural Ghost Tour was a SUCCESS!

Although it is now owned by us, the historic old brick building located at 100 Carlisle Ave in York City, PA was once known as the Bernstein Sewing Factory building.  

With old buildings comes rich history and even more spooky, paranormal situations and stories. Thank you, Ron Ruman for your guided GHOST TOUR of the building. The history, lore, and tales from within were shivering.

Look for our future tours!

Dougie Webster gives a quick recap on
what your gifts helped us achieve in 2021.