Give Local York 2024!  

Help us raise $40,000

Your Gift (of any size – $5 and up) means a lot and will once again help us grow our “Character Building” programming and our community outreach.

Three easy gifting options to choose from:

1. Give online TODAY – NOW through May 2nd. Select the Give Local York24 Drop down. (Lower processing fees!)

2. Send us a check via the post, now through May 2. (No fees – just a stamp!)

3. For 24 hours from 9:00pm May 2nd through 8:59 pm May 3rd, donate directly through our Give Local York online link.

Last year, YOUR GIFTS supported the following:

6 new Murals

8 Gallery Shows

4 Ghost Light Tours

248 Summer Campers

3 Library Reading Tours

36 Scholarships for Campers

A dual-directional Digital Sign

LED Stage Lighting in the Studio

A new Refrigerator & Washing Machine

Rechargeable Battery Packs for Body Mics


Dougie Webster gives a quick recap on
what your gifts helped us achieve in 2021.