Costume Shop

We have hundreds of quality costumes of all sizes, for all ages available to borrow year-round in our costume shop. Whether you are heading to a party or participating in a special event, you can find your perfect disguise at DreamWrights.

Request by phone call or email.

⦁ Call 717-848-8623 or email info@dreamwrights.org to schedule an appointment.
Please provide general information about the type of costume you are interested in and when you will need it.
⦁ Our Costume Shop Coordinator or Office Administrator will return your call.
⦁ We ask for a donation starting at $25 and up based on the number of pieces in your selected outfit (hat, cape, vests, props, etc.), the desired rental time frame, or if multiple costumes are requested.

Contact our Costumer for large school groups

Costumes available in a variety of sizes include:

⦁ Animals
⦁ Popular Characters
⦁ Historical
⦁ International
⦁ Uniforms

Please Note: We do NOT rent beards, mustaches, wigs, tights, socks, teeth or makeup.