Support our “Stair Riser” Campaign!
Every new step in the front stairwell (67 of them!) can be sponsored for $100 each. Your name will be placed on that step’s riser, reminding us that you stepped up to help!
Each gift supports our local artists’ climb/journey as they ascend to new personal, artistic and professional heights….one step at a time.

Join the 3C’s Giving Circle Program –

Consistent, Committed Contributors!

Through this program, you can sign up using a credit card to contribute a monthly automated gift that supports us throughout the entire year. It’s easy and your gift helps us to provide great programs that teach and build upon our three Cs of Confidence, Character, and Communication.

In addition, your monthly gift goes a long way toward helping to cover the costs of many of the necessities needed for our great programming such as scripts, paint, costume supplies and equipment.

3Cs Giving Circle Members

Tommy Billet and Patti Ellsworth
Joan and Jeffrey T Bitzer
Ann Davis
Arlo Ehly
Susan Craver
Meagan Given
Christopher Harris
George Hirko
Christopher Irwin
Georgetta Kerney
Lori Koenig
Tom LaForgia
Stacey MacNeal
Erin Marsicano
Trisha Melikian
Andrew Smith
Dean Wiltsie
Allison Witherow
Rob Yacoviello
Amy Young

Did you know that donations make up more than half of our annual operating budget?

We accept gifts from individuals, small businesses, corporations and foundations. It’s thanks to the generosity of the York community that we are able to meet our mission and reach so many people. Thank you for playing your part in making the magic happen!
Consider making your gift a monthly gift! It’s easy and supports us on an ongoing basis!

Gifts can be made online, dropped off or mailed to 100 Carlisle Avenue, York PA 17401

In addition to monetary gifts, we accept and appreciate all types of donations! Check out our Amazon Wish List!

⦁ Materials: lumber, paint, fabric, tools

⦁ Office supplies

⦁ Laptops and iPads

⦁ Laptop projector

⦁ Projector screen

⦁ Appreciated securities (download form)

⦁ And, of course, money is always appreciated!


Privacy Policy

Personal information collected through any DreamWrights program is maintained in physical and electronic records with access to such information restricted to those DreamWrights personnel and volunteers who have a legitimate need for such confidential Information. DreamWrights will not disclose information to unaffiliated third parties without the prior written consent, except when required to do so by law.  

Make a lasting gift for the future.

Join our Lasting Dreams Legacy Society.
Call Ann Davis at 848-8623 x 222 for more info.

Lasting Dreams Legacy Members

Mr. Louis J. Appell, Jr.
Mrs. Louis J. Appell, Jr.
Carmen Billet
Thomas Billet
Mr. W. Dale Brougher
Ann Davis
Timothy DeVore
Joyce Knox
Ray Olewiler
Edward J. Watson