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From left, (back row) Conner Ney, Olivia Rill, Sam Brown, (front row) Steven Ruffatto, Sophia Kearney and Alex Shelley in DreamWrights Family Theatre production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"

In her 1971 story, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Barbara Robinson introduced me to the Herdman clan. With eyes squinted, arm extended and fingers pinched to the thickness of a hair, my mother warned me that I was “this close” to becoming Ralph Herdman, and I am absolutely certain that my sister was Imogene incarnate.

1998 Best Christmas Pageant Ever (30)

I never thought about the redemptive qualities of our protagonists. They were rough and tumble, and, deep down (well, not too deep), I envied their mischievousness.

Beginning next week, the Herdmans are performing on large and small stages across the nation, from The Drama Workshop in Cincinnati to the Raleigh Little Theater in North Carolina and the Seattle Public Theatre. Even here in York, PA, this is the fourth time in our theatre’s history that we bring this classic to life on our stage.


This show, and the 12 actors and members of crew returning from the 1998, 2003, or 2009 productions, are part of the fabric of our theatre’s tapestry. While other theaters may be larger, or more ornate, DreamWrights has what no other theater has; Diane Crews. In her 18 years with DreamWrights, I’m certain our Director has known her share of Herdmans, and we celebrate Diane Crews, her warm touch and steadfast character, that have transformed mischief into splendor before our audiences’ eyes. Welcome to DreamWrights; prepare to be inspired.

J.T. Hand
President, Board of Directors
DreamWrights Youth & Family Theatre

Editor’s Note: DreamWrights’ The Best Christmas Pageant Ever opens December 4 at 6:30pm and runs for 12 shows: December 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 & 19 – 6:30 pm and December 5, 6, 12, 13, 19 & 20 – 2:30 pm. Tickets may be purchased online at www.dreamwrights.org or by calling 717-848-8623. Seats cost $10 for general, $14 for reserved.