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20151209 Newsletter Ladies (2)

(left to right) Pauline Kucinsky, Betty Thomas, Phyllis Reeling

Every quarter when DreamWrights issues its newsletter, it is not the DreamWrights staff who prepares the mailing, but rather a small group of unsung spritely volunteers that zoom in to DreamWrights to fold, stuff, and stamp. Meet “Pauline’s Group.” 88 year old Pauline Kucinsky organizes a group of ladies that provide a wonderful service to local non-profit groups, while catching up with each other.

But it didn’t begin with Pauline. It began with Eloise in 1996. Eloise had the idea to get some friends together and make themselves helpful to the non-profits. They were informally known at “Eloise’s Angels” and provided this service to any non-profit who asked: York County Libraries, the Literacy Council, York Little Theatre, Margaret Moul Home, and DreamWrights, to name a few. Pauline says, “Mention a nonprofit and we’ve been there!” Soon Eloise’s initial 4 helpers grew to around 20. They were stuffing up to 5000 letters every couple of months. Eloise operated her group through the 1990s but when Eloise became ill, Pauline, who was already a part of the group, took over.

20151209 Newsletter Ladies (1)

“I was always with people and I had to do something,” says Pauline who likes to keep busy. She started by calling the United Way and asked if they needed help. They said they could use assistance with a bulk mailing. “I said I don’t know what that is but I’ll do it!”

The group has shrunk to about 7 due to aging issues of the group (eyesight, driving challenges, Alzheimers, etc.) as well as email and computers replacing traditional mail. Many of the groups former “clients” have moved to mailing houses over the years. But on this particular day at DreamWrights, Pauline is joined by Betty Thomas, almost 80, and Phyllis Reeling, 82, who have been active with the group for 8 and 10 years respectively. “There were times when we had something to do every day,” recalls Betty.


These ladies chat and catch up with each other while they work. You can overhear them comparing notes on their grandchildren’s latest activities and asking about mutual friends. They say the best part about the work is getting together and the friendships they’ve cultivated. Betty explains, “I really like helping somebody and doing something worthwhile.” Phyllis adds, “We have a special group. We really enjoy it. We really do.”

So next time you open your DreamWrights quarterly newsletter, know that it was folded, stuffed, and stamped with love by Pauline and her “gang.”