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We sat down with DreamWrights’ Artistic Director Laurie Riffe who’s directing our first show of the 2019 season – The Liar. Take a look at what she’s got to say about this production and why you should get your tickets now before doors open Feb. 1

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What attracted you to the show you’re directing?

What attracted me most to The Liar is that it is an incredibly smart and funny play.  Playwright David Ives took a story written by Pierre Corneille in the 1600’s, and spun it into this wild and colorful comedy that has us all roaring with laughter each night in the rehearsal room! It’s so much fun.

What are you most excited to bring to life about this production?

I’m most excited to bring the language of this play to life.  This play requires a ton of physical and vocal energy from all the actors, and it has been so thrilling to see all of them jump into the process with such joy and gusto!

What do you hope people take from seeing this production?

I hope that seeing The Liar will lift people’s spirits tremendously- there is a great deal of joy in this play!  I also hope that the production will allow people to reflect on their own lives, and the reality (or fiction) that they each present to others in our society.

How does this show fit in with our 2019 season theme – Celebrating Life?

The Liar was my first choice to kick off the 2019 Celebrating Life! Season because the entire play is a joyful celebration of love, friendship, courage, passion, and the imagination.