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What attracted you to the show you’re directing?
James and the Giant Peach is a story that all three of my own children really enjoyed; it is one we read repeatedly as they were growing up, so it holds fond memories for me. The story has some very dark humor (especially with the Aunts) which will be fun to explore with the actresses portraying those parts. And the relationship between James and his insect friends is heartwarming and funny.

What are you most excited to bring to life about this production?
There are such wonderful characters in this story! From the Aunts, to the Little Old Man, to each of the Insects! I am excited to help the actors fall in love with their characters and bring them to life on stage.

What do you hope people take from seeing this production?
That each of us on this earth has value, we affect the others around us and can ultimately change lives through our words and deeds.

How does this show fit in with our 2019 season theme – Celebrating Life?
James, who is abused and miserable, always has hope. Through meeting wonderful new friends, who trust in him, he changes the circumstances of his life. He doesn’t just live “Happily ever after,” but carries on sharing his story to every curious child who takes the time to listen.