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Flippin' Broadway

On Saturday, November 4, DreamWrights Center for Community Arts is flipping things around in the name of fun and fundraising. Back by popular demand, DreamWrights will be hosting the second installment of a special event called Flippin’ Broadway, II, a cabaret of Broadway show tunes with a unique twist.  Rodd Robertson, DreamWrights actor and Guest Director, came up with the idea.  He and another actor were imagining what it would be like to perform songs they would never get to sing in a traditional Broadway show.  Robertson remembers, “Suddenly we looked at each other and asked why we couldn’t stage a show where we could perform those songs?!” And the idea for Flippin’ Broadway was born.  “After the first sell-out event in February of 2016, the response was so positive and the continuing need for community theatre funding so great, that I was more than ready to bring it to DreamWrights once again.” With 22 cast members performing 21 songs, Flippin’ Broadway, II promises to live up to, if not exceed, the success of the original.

Flippin' Broadway, II

Eden Fornoff (right) accompanies Syvia Weiskopf (left) who is singing, “You’ll Be Back”

Syvia Weiskopf, accompanied by her friend, Eden Fornoff, is singing, “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton. Syvia explains, “I love the idea of playing a character and singing a song you wouldn’t ever get to sing in front of people. Sure, you get to sing it at home all you want.  But to perform it and get into character is a really cool idea.” Syvia says she chose the song, which is performed by King George in Hamilton, because it is so out of her comfort zone. “I really want to push myself and I think it is hilarious. King George in the story is just so funny.”

Another number that promises to be entertaining is “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago, performed by Jonah Unger, Robert Rife, Derek Etter, Kevin Alvarnaz, Mason Walheim, and Jason Genise-Gdula. Accompanist Rebecca Wolf says she chose it because she thought it would be interesting to see six men acting as women who were arrested for wreaking vengeance on their men.

Flippin' Broadway, II

(left to right) Robert Rife, Kevin Alvarnaz, Jonah Unger, and Derek Etter is performing “Cell Block Tango”

Returning to Flippin’ Broadway are mother and daughter, Beverly and Bailie Spangler. Beverly is singing “They Don’t Make Glass Slippers” from SoHo Cinders and Bailie, “Waving Through a Window” from Dear Evan Hanson. Both performed at the first Flippin’ Broadway and enjoyed it so much they decided to return.

Director Robertson is the emcee for the evening. “We have great fun turning Broadway numbers upside down and sideways, very talented singers and musicians, wonderful crew, and delicious gourmet desserts.  But if that’s not enough, all money spent directly supports DreamWrights.”

Flippin’ Broadway, II will be held at DreamWrights Center for Community Arts on Saturday, November 4, from 7 – 10pm. Tickets are $15 and are available online or by calling 717-848-8623. There will be an extended intermission offering elegant desserts. All proceeds will benefit DreamWrights.