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It's still light outside!  We had rehearsal in the parking lot when the power went out inside.

It’s still light outside! We had rehearsal in the parking lot when the power went out inside.

With  only five rehearsals left per cast the last thing we needed was a lost rehearsal!  However, on Wednesday, April 1st, at a few minutes past our start time of 6:00 pm the lights went OUT!  No it wasn’t an April Fools prank … unfortunately.                                                                    DreamWrights is a huge building and our emergency lights came on immediately giving off enough light to keep us from bumping into each other.  Could we rehearse in our Black Box (aptly named) theatre?  There would be no way.                                                                                          We do the obvious, and pick up the phone to call Met Ed.  Right … the phones are all hooked up to electric.  Hurray for cell phones.  We were not only using them for flash lights,  but also as telephones!  We were informed that we were the first ones to report the outage, and they would send someone out to investigate.  The earliest we could anticipate them solving whatever the problem might be was 8:30 PM.  Our rehearsals run until 9:00 pm.   What to do now?                                                                                                                                                                           It was still light outside.  Everyone was asked to stay for awhile to see the the electric would come on again.  It is a magical thing, right?  We all went outside to the parking lot.   To assure that those who use our lot as a street could not do so, two cars were moved to block access to our new dance rehearsal space.                                                                                 Singing and dancing commenced in this improvised open air space.  There was only one problem.  It was cold, and it would be dark soon.  So, close to 7:00 we commenced the second round of cell phone usage.  We were able to contact drivers for everyone, and alert those signed up for costume fittings not to come.  All this was accomplished and the building vacated by 7:20.                                                                                                                     Just when you stop worrying about snow cancellations … something you never thought you would need to be concerned about happens.   I suppose this only helped teach  yet another skill necessary for live theatre … improvisation!                                                                          Yes, we did take some improv rehearsals photos.  We will post them as they are received.