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Grease Audition Team

So you are excited for the next DreamWrights show auditions, but you realize that there will be dancing and you are worried that the audition team and choreographer won’t like what they see.  Here are some tips about what your choreographer is looking for and how you can make the most out of your audition.


Choreographers want to see how you naturally move

Maybe you’ve never taken a dance class.  It doesn’t matter.  Even if you don’t know your pirouette from a grapevine, if you know how to shift your weight you’ll do fine for a DreamWrights show.  Come ready to dance.  If you aren’t dressed to dance it is a dead giveaway that you can’t or don’t care to.  Stay loose and just do your best to put your feet and hands where they should be on the appropriate beats.  Your natural instincts and reflexes should take over from there.

Choreographers are looking for how quickly you can learn the work

The audition starts the moment you start to learn the sample combination.  The quicker you can pick it up, the more valuable you’ll be as a performer.  Even if you don’t feel like you are naturally gifted at dancing, if you can demonstrate that you can remember what comes next you’ll have a huge advantage over performers who are tourists in the dancing portion of the audition.

Choreographers are looking for performers with poise

Choreographers know that everyone screws up every once and a while.  The faster you can get back into the combination after making a mistake the better.  Don’t wince or indicate any displeasure, and you might find that the audition team might not even know you made a mistake.

Choreographers are looking for performers who “make it a moment”

2015-07 Andrew Smith

When a choreographer says “make it a moment”, they mean that they want to see you be aggressive and stretch to reach each step to make it as big as possible.  Own the combination and actually perform it rather than just going through the motions.  Stick the beats, and extend energy away from your body like a superhero when you reach and point.  Be authentic and enthusiastic!  Don’t groan and look pained.  Overall, have fun and accept your dance audition as a new challenge.  If you approach it as a great opportunity rather than a chore, you’ll find that you can get the most out of your theatre experience.

Andrew Smith
IT Professional by day
Choreographer by night