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Temporary Box Office

Temporary Box Office

Start with two full casts, crews, and staff.  Next, add in audience members.  Do all of this in half the normal amount of space and what do you get?  A well done show that made it all look easy!  When presented with the loss of half the building in which to function, the amazing group from Peter Pan and Mary successfully rose to the challenge.

Need a space to rehearse while set construction takes place in the theatre? Move upstairs – or rehearse over the noise downstairs.  Need a place to hold the tech and strike meals?  Move upstairs to the back half of the costume area.  Need to use the bathroom?  Take a trip to the luxury portable bathrooms in the parking lot.  (They really are very nice.)  Need to combine the box office, concessions area, gift shop, AND lobby for waiting patrons?  No problem – and it looked amazing, too!

2015 DreamWrights Grease Group

Production Coordinator, Stacey Kuhn, makes good use of space in the temporary lobby

We are so thankful to these folks who just did what needed to be done without complaint.  There were some bumps along the way, but everyone pulled together, got creative, and stayed focused on the goal.  They were rewarded with a wonderful run!  Good show to all!  And now, we are starting all over again with another fantastic cast, crew and staff for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  They, too, are taking things in stride and we look forward to another great run of shows!

Some thoughts from the folks of Peter Pan and Mary:

“It worked better than I expected!  You do what you have to.”

“I think the staff/production made the area very welcoming and functionable.”

“Slightly crowded but convivial.”

“Although cramped, it forced everyone to talk to the audience.”

Susan Conway
Box Office Manager