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Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped with our ongoing project to turn storage space (estimated to be 50-75% of our current square footage) into active work space for our volunteers and programs.

Scene Sh

Our new shop space will allow storage of tools nearer the stage and easier access to  several power saws, allowing for quicker adjustments to lumber lengths. This was made possible by several recent donations of tools, allowing us to stock two shops.  The basement shop will still remain the focus of set construction when there is another show on stage. But now all of our carpenters will grow fat because they no longer have to run into the basement every time they need to make a cut. The largest new  item is a radial arm saw given by Dave H. Thank you!

Other projects include the ongoing organization and cleaning of the basement by persons unknown.  And a few known (kids from the past several shows) who are taking apart unneeded items to reuse the materials on future sets and free up space for construction and painting.

On the third floor Jacob S. and Corinthia K. with a little help from Amber S. and Paige G. are organizing, cleaning, labeling, mapping and prioritizing props.  Sending numerous items to the basement for disassembly and reuse.

Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers!

Bob T. Builder
Technical Director