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Rehearsals for Tom Sawyer Sings are starting to count down!  We have 10 rehearsals before Tech (that’s when we add costumes, props, lights & sound), and then only 4 more before we open.  Dear Geese, that’s only 7 rehearsals left for each cast!

Why do we double cast?   DreamWrights is committed to allowing as many people the opportunity to experience live theatre as possible.   With our main stage auditions numbers always over 100, the interest and need to double cast is great.   Isn’t it more difficult with two casts?  Yes and No!  It is harder for the director, but for the casts the freedom to switch (rehearsal & shows with their other) allows for many to be involved who could not otherwise do so.

How’s our progress thus far?  Well, both W & O (these are the secret cast identifying letters) are Off Book (the actors know their lines and songs) for Act One.  This weekend will complete the blocking (were actors enter/exit/cross) and choreography for Act Two.  They will then have until April 2nd to get off book.

Meanwhile the set, props, and costumes crews are building, painting, pulling, sewing and collecting. Lighting and sound are being designed, hung, focused &/or recorded. The producers and staff are completing the program, selling tickets, making show buttons & posters, handing out t-shirts & business cards, and most important of all … selling snacks during the breaks!

In short … we are busy.  Today we even had sharings from our Spring Classes. Some of this weeks thoughts from the Crew & Teaching Staff are as follows:

“Today our Spring Classes culminated with a collection of sharings for family and friends. Our youngest participants showed off their bridge poses and downward dog poses. Characters from Beauty and the Beast were physically explored on stage. We finished out the afternoon with an experimental lights and sound theatre piece, and two scenes from “Kindness.” It was a day of theatrical fun! Keep your eyes peeled for the Summer Camps flier or check the camps out on our website. Join us for SUMMER FUN!” -Renee, Theatre Education Consultant/Adult

“We faced an interesting challenge in Tom Sawyer’s set painting- One paint job that would look both like leaves, trees, and rocks! Andrea Unger picked a mixture of greens and Tony Fogle combined that with two different colored lights. A leaf pattern shone on Andrea’s painting looks green- like Spring! A deep purple brown with a cloud pattern on the same paint job looks like grey rocks. The magic of light, painting and talented people!” -Bob McCleary, Technical Director/Adult

“Every show I have a new costume crew aged 10-70. They come with a variety of sewing experience. We learn from each other, and create together.” -Rebecca Eastman, Costume Designer/Adult

“I enjoy working with all the people at DreamWrights. It’s fun to meet all the people who are excited to work, people who are funny, and just meeting new people in general. Even if I don’t enjoy painting, I still do it. But I love building the set. There’s always something to do,  and you’re almost constantly working.” Zachary W./Age 13

“I enjoy using the skills my dad taught me. I made a flag stand for the show, as well as a railing.” -Samuel Fife/Age 13