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Christina Myers in action (1)

Pennsylvania Artist-in Residence, Christina Myers sat down with DreamWrighters to answer some questions about StAGEs. StAGEs is our exciting new program designed to encourage active participation in the performing arts for the 55+ crowd. Inspired by the National Council on Creative Aging (NCCA), StARTSomething and DreamWrights are partnering to provide this one-of-a-kind offering.

DreamWrighters (DW):  Tell me a little about yourself and your background.

Christina Myers (CM):  I grew up locally in York County.  I attended both Red Lion Area Senior High School and William Penn Performing Arts Institute.  After graduation, I attended college and theatre programs in Chicago and Virginia.  From there, I traveled around the U.S. studying, performing, and teaching in the theatre for many years.  I currently work as a professional actress, writer, and producer in stage, film, and television.  I’m also a registered artist-in-residence in Pennsylvania.  As such, I teach different aspects of theatre to a variety of populations and ages.

DW: What inspired you through the NCCA Training in Arts Education certification process?

CM: Throughout my training, I was inspired by the number of people who were willing (sometimes hesitantly, but willing nonetheless) to try a new art form and then, excelled beyond their own expectations.  Some of those art forms included painting, music, dance, and absolutely theatre.

Christina Myers in action (2)

DW: What advice can you give to someone who is hesitant to participate?

CM: It’s first and foremost important in my classes that we create a safe environment for everyone involved.  That includes respecting boundaries while providing active, positive support for each participant’s contributions.  There is no “wrong” in my class as long as we’re respectful of one another.  In fact, it can be a joy and wonder to see how self-perceived “mistakes” often bring about the most valuable artistic outcomes.

DW: How can someone benefit from taking these sessions?

CM: Working in the theatre helps people discover new ways to express themselves.  It also builds key skills that allow us to communicate more clearly with one another.  The action of theatrical creation develops meaningful and lasting bonds.  And, it’s fun!

DW: What’s the best part about working with the 55+ crowd?

CM:  I love working with people who have rich and varied life experiences.  The more life lived, the more to draw upon.  Those experiences, large and small bring depth and distinct insights to the work we do.

DW: What can participants expect during StAGEs?

CM:  Be prepared to surprise yourself, have a lot of laughs, learn new skills and information, and build new (or strengthen existing) friendships.

DW: Is there anything that you would want people to know?

CM: Creating in the theatre is fun!  The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it.  That theatre bug bites hard!

Mac & Myers laid back 102007 (600 x 400)

Pennsylvania Artists-in-Residence, Christina Myers and Luke MacCloskey will guide you through this journey of play and performance.  NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!!  Got physical limitations or just plain nervous?  No problem – you’ll be among patient, tolerant friends, and good company.

Christina Myers, actor, writer, director, and producer has appeared in various TV and film projects including “Girl, Interrupted” (as Nurse Margie opposite Oscar Award Winner Angelina Jolie).  Luke MacCloskey, actor, writer, and producer has performed on stage and screen around the country.  You might recognize him (or not!) as the interloping zombie in national TV Boss commercials. Together they perform as Cobblestone Comedy for corporate events and private parties.  They also lead professional rapport-building workshops for medical professionals.

Enrollment for this six week program is limited to 16 participants and is free of charge. A fully refundable registration fee of $20 will be returned at the culmination of the 12 sessions. StAGES! will meet twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 1:00—2:30 pm at DreamWrights, 100 Carlisle Avenue.

Week One: September 21 and September 24
Week Two: September 28 and October 1
Week Three: October 5 and October 8
Week Four: October 12 and October 15
Week Five: October 19 and October 22
Week Six: October 26 and October 29

DreamWrights is handicapped accessible. Free, off-street parking!