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20151006 Seussical Dress Rehearsal (7)

Stauch’s granddaughter during a Seussical rehearsal…

For 70 year old Jim Stauch, DreamWrights means opportunities for his granddaughters. One loved the theatre from a young age and fit right in. The other was more reticent because she is on the autism spectrum. “DreamWrights has given her the opportunity to assimilate into mainstream activities,” Jim explains. “The people at DreamWrights treat her like a normal child. They don’t do anything special. But she has the opportunity to express herself.” DreamWrights gives both of these girls – as well as everybody – the opportunity to get involved and express themselves.

Jim is astounded at the growth he’s seen in his granddaughter as a result of the opportunities she’s experienced at DreamWrights. He says the transformation is remarkable. “From being withdrawn with the rest of the family to now with her confidence to be on stage, to recite poems, from the traveling show to a main production, it’s… wow, it’s just awesome.”


…and helping out as a teen camp counselor

Jim knows better than anyone the value of the DreamWrights experience. “DreamWrights is here for everybody, regardless of disabilities and handicaps. It’s here for the youngest, for the oldest. It’s all inclusive to everybody. You can feel at home here. You can learn. Any investment in DreamWrights is an investment in the community. It’s a place where kids can come, express themselves, stay out of trouble, and do more than just play on computers.”

Thanks, Jim, for bravely sharing your story with us. We applaud your granddaughter’s successes and look forward to seeing her participate in her next production!