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Today, we take a moment to pause and recognize many of the things for which we are grateful.

We are thankful for the opportunity to stage such a magically iconic production, It’s a Wonderful Life, this holiday season. We appreciate the time and effort put forth by the crews and casts of this show, all working as a team to present our best show yet.


We are thankful for our tireless volunteers. You are the heart and soul of DreamWrights. We sincerely appreciate all of your time, effort, and enthusiasm.

We are thankful for our Board of Directors that steers our non-profit company, navigating regulations, scooping up opportunity, and setting a course for success and longevity.

We are thankful for our founding members who, twenty years ago, began this organization called DreamWrights. With strong foundational pillars, encouragement of personal growth, and a culture of inclusivity, you created this wonderful, safe place to try new things and discover new interests and talents. Like George Bailey’s experience, it is hard to imagine what life would be like and where we would all be without with DreamWrights.


We are thankful for our members. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and vote of confidence.

We are thankful to those who make monetary and in-kind donations of all sizes and shapes. Among other things, we are happy to have lights, heat, and licensed scripts to keep our day-to-day operations running.

We are thankful for the larger York art community. We are inspired by your inspirational participation in the arts and are proud to be a part of this circle.


We are thankful for our capital campaign donors and the opportunity to expand our Center for Community Arts. Without you, DreamWrights would not continue to grow, be relevant, draw new participants and audiences, and serve our community.

We are thankful for our DreamWrights community. When we come together, we are so much more than the sum of our parts. It is you who makes DreamWrights so special. We are fortunate to call you family. Happy Thanksgiving!