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Hannah began taking camps and classes at DreamWrights at the age of 5. Theatre was in her blood, even at this young age. She could hardly wait until she was old enough to try out for a production. When she realized the first show she would be old enough to be in was Snow White, she was over the moon. It was one of her favorites and she knew she was destined to be in it. So, Hannah tried out and anxiously waited for “the call.” But when “the call” never came, the reality was devastating. She was not chosen to be in Snow White. Hannah was crushed.


But, young Hannah did something that is often hard even for adults to do. She pulled herself back up, set her sights on the next show, and tried out again. This time it was Annie and this time she made it. It was a great experience and Hannah confirmed her love for the theatre.

However, her story doesn’t end there. With one show under her belt, Hannah was ready for her next. It was another favorite, Beauty and the Beast. Again, the perfect moment. She was a shoe-in! But then she didn’t get in. And again, it was quite a blow for Hannah, especially since one of her best friends had made it. Maybe the next show, Sleepy Hollow? Didn’t work out. Or the next, Miracle on 34thStreet? Nope.


During this time, Hannah’s mom continued to provide encouragement. She registered Hannah for production camps and theatre classes to keep her involved and doing what she loved while gaining experience. Although she surely had moments of doubt, young Hannah persevered and went for it again with Alice in Wonderland. She got in! In fact, then she had a good run of two more shows after Alice, Dr. Doolittle and The Hobbit.


Through all of this, Hannah did what directors hope all unsuccessful auditionees will do. Remember what Guest Director Paige Hoke reminds us of in her recent blog? For the shows where Hannah wasn’t chosen, maybe she didn’t fit into the overall puzzle. But, she kept at it. She didn’t get resentful, she didn’t give up; she became determined and kept plugging along.

Certainly, Hannah’s experience  isn’t uncommon. The way she handled it, kept a positive attitude, and persevered could possibly be.  And what wonderful life lessons this young lady has already learned. Often, things don’t come easily to us in life.  Even before the age of 10, Hannah knew as well as anyone how to overcome, persevere, and believe in herself. The world is her oyster.