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On the eve of Seussical auditions and what promises to be the biggest talent pool from which I’ve ever chosen, I find myself to be a bit anxious. Being that I have had experiences on both sides of the stage, I understand all too well the feelings an actor has when she isn’t chosen for a part or show she has her heart set on. I think about the feelings that may be hurt or the misconceptions that some actors will leave with. I know some will be thinking, “I wasn’t good enough.” But what I wish they all could know is that’s almost always not the reason they weren’t chosen.


As a director, I have a vision for the characters. It’s not so much about the “look” for me. It’s more about my overall vision for the show as a whole, as well as my vision for the individual characters. Lots of people have the talent it takes to be in a show, and lots of actors have a similar level of talent.  It comes down to a person’s look, energy, feel and how one actor plays off another actor. Lead characters often will “pop out” in the way that they fit into my vision. But, the whole ensemble has to gel. You can be the most talented person but if you don’t mesh with the whole show and the director’s vision of the show, then you may not be chosen.

Specific to the double casted shows, actors and their “others” need to be close in size. They often share costumes, props, and of course, are taught the same blocking and need to physically fill similar spaces. Other attributes that factor into casting decisions include schedule conflicts, confidence, stage presence, attitude, enthusiasm, and workability. Are you someone who seems like you could take direction well? Are you open minded and willing to listen to your director or do you seem like you already know all the answers?

I know as well as anyone that it can be hard to accept that you weren’t chosen. It can be frustrating and disappointing. So as you approach your audition for Seussical or for any show, please remember that if you don’t get the part, it isn’t because you don’t have the talent.  It doesn’t mean you weren’t good. Keep the faith and try again because no two shows are the same, and the same people will not always fit best for every show. Have you heard the saying, “Variety is the spice of life”? It’s true. You just might be the perfect fit at your next audition.

Break a Leg!
Paige Hoke
DreamWrights Guest Director