Tragedy & Triumphs: A Drive-In Cabaret

Friday, May 7, 2021 – 7 p.m. – Give Local York

**This great show benefits DreamWrights on Give Local!

Please come to DreamWrights on May 7 for a one day/night only performance of a drive-in cabaret. We will have our friends Dough Head Waffles on hand for delicious food, as well as drinks available for purchase – both adult and non-alcoholic.

We’ll provide theatre seating ($15 per seat) and an FM radio connection for those who wish to stay in their cars ($45 carload). All proceeds go to our Give Local York goal.

Reflecting upon our emergence from a year of pandemic and unrest, this cabaret will revisit different tragedies and how they are portrayed in musical theater and Opera.  Just like the glimpses of hope and beauty we have seen this tumultuous year, we will also visit the triumphs of individuals and of the human spirit to show that even when the night is dark, courage and resilience can prevail and often overcome the darkness.