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The Spitfire Grill opens in the studio on May 9. We sit down for a little Q&A with the director, DreamWrights’ Artistic Director Laurie Riffe.

What attracted you to the show you’re directing?

The Spitfire Grill is a story about the powerful and poignant journey to healing. It’s about finding friends who become family, finding the home that you didn’t know you had, and finding peace through transformation.

What are you most excited to bring to life about this production?

Each of these seven characters is a very real human being who feels very lost in his or her own way. Working with each actor to fully develop, realize, and embody their character is a large part of the focus for this production.  It’s really exciting to watch the actors find their courage!

What do you hope people take from seeing this production?

I hope audiences are uplifted and moved by the beautiful music and words in this show. Beyond that, I imagine that audiences will recognize a bit of themselves in very relatable characters on stage.  My ultimate hope is that this production helps us to release judgment of others who may have walked a different life path, as we are all connected in our human desire for happiness.

How does this show fit in with our 2019 season theme – Celebrating Life?

As The Spitfire Grill begins, the characters all have their hearts, secrets, and true feelings deeply locked away and guarded.  Throughout the show, they open up and learn to trust themselves and each other. Through this, they see and experience all the colorful beauty of the different seasons of life.  The Spitfire Grill is a very profound and powerful celebration of life!