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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you for welcoming me so warmly to the DreamWrights Family! It’s my honor to be here with you. If we haven’t yet had the opportunity for a conversation, I do hope that you will introduce yourself in the weeks to come. I look forward to getting to know each of you. It is my joy to join a team of staff and volunteers who care so very deeply and are so passionately dedicated to the creative work at DreamWrights.

Laurie Riffe

What attracted me most to DreamWrights was the mission of setting the stage for arts education by creating a place for people of all ages to come together, create, and grow in an inclusive environment. I am inspired by the vision of sustaining an organization that provides a sense of community, creative expression, and educational growth opportunities through the performing arts. I very much appreciate the teaching of personal and collective responsibility through multigenerational teamwork- learning that we are truly stronger together is indeed a very valuable life lesson.

I’m interested in expanding hearts and minds, onstage and off. This commitment to inclusion and transformative experiences is essential, and I want to be a part of a community that thinks, works, and plays this way. It’s evident that DreamWrights values respect, love of creative learning, integrity, courage, resilience, commitment to pluralism, empathy, and social responsibility. It’s my hope to continue to strengthen those values through my work as Director of Artistic Programming. Seeking to be of service, I plan to apply my visions to short and long range planning as well as envisioning evolving opportunities for DreamWrights participants to find expression and understand collaboration through theatre. I want to work for changes that will enhance learning, creating an intentional educational environment. I would like to open doors, invite possibility, ignite curiosity and seek opportunities for expansion. I love learning, and I love seeing others experience growth as well.

As we look together toward the next chapter of DreamWrights history, I will strive to continue to foster an environment of respect, responsibility, caring, and commitment. Throughout my 23 years in professional and educational theatre, I have learned many things about leadership: A strong leader must be willing to challenge her own assumptions and to work with humility in service of others. A strong leader must be attentive and responsive to what is happening, working with flexibility in order to respond to needs, make difficult decisions, and wise choices. A strong and dedicated leader works diligently and always rises above adversity. An effective leader has a strong ability to focus and prioritize; giving attention where attention is most needed. A strong leader is flexible, understanding that changes are always inevitable. A strong leader will always work to find a creative solution to any challenge.

One of the most exciting things to me about DreamWrights is the opportunity to look toward even deeper, more meaningful learning experiences for all. Holding myself most accountable, I strive to model respect, inclusion, compassion, empathy, and integrity at all times. Understanding the power theatre has to transform lives, I hope you will place your trust in me as your next Director of Artistic Programming. I’m interested in theatre that creates community, that is active, collaborative, evolving, problem solving, reflective, and deeply enriching. I’m interested in fostering an environment where we all feel free to take risks and explore possibilities beyond what might have been imagined. I hope I’ll earn your collective trust and you will also imagine the future with me. Let’s dream together!

Laurie Riffe
Director of Artistic Programming