DreamWrights All Access! 

What you might not know about DreamWrights.

Check out these three videos and learn more about what goes on in this big yellow building. Get inspired, get involved, and get creative with us. We are always looking for partnerships and collaborations as we create connections and community through art!

The Making of a Fairy Tale
See some of the magic that goes into creating Beauty and the Beast in this video. You will get a glimpse of the vast resources available here at DreamWrights that inspire our desire to create just about anything. Visit our YouTube page and watch all 19 of our Fairy Tales created throughout the pandemic. And check out our Dream & Do tutorials with Dougie Webster to learn how you can create your own video!

Dreamers’ Spotlight
Utilizing our newly created Sound Cave Recording Studio, this project elevates and showcases the talent of local musician, Alex Warner. After gracing our outdoor BYO Mic Night stage, Alex returns to share his love for music with his freestyling guitar work. Alex’s creativity shines brightly from his solo time in the studio to a jam session with seasoned local musicians on the main stage. Through innovations such as our Sound Cave, we have expanded our capabilities to safely create together while providing a platform to spotlight and celebrate local talent such as Alex with a professional recording. 

Behind the “Eats and Beats”
With an eye toward collaboration, we had the honor of working with local musicians and restauranteurs to create the video component of its local fundraiser that supports restaurants in our town. Check out what went into these interviews and recording sessions and then give back to your local dining scene by tuning in for the full benefit concert along with your Eats and Beats in-home dinner on January 21. Many thanks to our friends at the Cultural Alliance of York County for their support of our Eats and Beats work!