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soup pot outside

Hello, I’m a soup pot- name’s Maximillon Trunhouser.  You may call me MT, everyone else does. I’d like to tell you about the most important night of my life … so far.

There I was, sitting by myself on a shelf in the basement of a church. I was lonely and frustrated.

You see, I knew there were so many things I could do and create. However, I could do nothing all by myself.

I could hear a lot of people out in the fellowship hall.  It sounded like they were all sizes. You could tell by their voices. Believe me they all had something to say. The little voices were called on as often as the big ones. Some lady was sort of in charge, I guess. I couldn’t see anything. Those humans, they never leave the door open!

soup pot shelf sad

At any rate, I didn’t have much hope of being needed. It was already after eight o’clock.  Just then I heard the door open, and someone turned on the lights. I was near blinded for a minute. When my eyes adjusted, I saw a lady searching for something. “Take me, take me,” I thought.

“Ah, huh!” she said. It was that same in-chargeish lady. “This will be perfect!” Yes, she picked me! And she knew I was perfect. She wasn’t even my mother and she knew! I was determined to do my very best work. She would not be disappointed. She carried me out to the hall, and placed me in the middle of a table right in front of …

“Whoa! There are a lot of people!” I remember thinking. The next thing I knew everyone in the room was coming up to see me, which was very nice. Then they all started putting things in me! Some things were hard and cold. When they hit the bottom, they clinked. Others were light as air and floated down silently.

Then a man person picked me up and took me to a quiet corner, and sat down on the floor with me. “This is cozy,” I thought. But he turned me over and dumped all of my gifts on the floor.

“Now wait just a minute!” I tried to shout. He was separating everything and counting.  His excitement grew as the number got higher.

The next thing I knew he was carrying me back to all the people. Everyone became quiet. The man whispered something to the lady. Then they held me up for all to see.

She said, “Thanks to this Soup Pot, and all of you … Our theatre can be born!”

soup pot window

They all applauded, and cheered, and hugged each other.  It was very exciting. And that was only the beginning. They kept coming back and planning, auditioning, rehearsing, laughing and hugging a lot. I wasn’t needed again until they did their first sandwich making fundraiser.  I held the lettuce for them!

I knew they needed more space.  So I wasn’t surprised when they stopped coming, but I do miss them. I hear people talk about them every now and then.

“DreamWrights” is what they voted to call themselves.

It seems they are doing very well. Isn’t it amazing what human folk can accomplish when they all work together … and have Maximillon Trunhouser Soup Pot handy?!