DreamWrights – Open for Creativity 

COVID-19 Updates

We’re all living in weird times these days thanks to COVID-19, so here at DreamWrights Center for Community Arts we’re creating an online community to connect us to our followers throughout this time. Every day, we’ll be offering something – from fairy tale stories, to acting classes, to readings from books and plays you can be involved in!

Our offices are closed for now, but feel free to reach out on social media or by email. 

Please note that by uploading your files, you’re giving DreamWrights permission to show on our network channels.

Meet Dougie Webster and his series Dream & Do! From making your own videos and editing to sewing a superhero cape, Dougie will walk you through all of the skills he’s learned in his time here at DreamWrights!

Dream & Do: Shooting Your Own Fairy Tale Theatre 

Dream & Do: Editing Your Video

Dream & Do: End of Summer and Into Fall

Dream & Do: Using a Green Screen

DreamWrights Virtual Tour: First Floor