Guest Director Process

Calling all Guest Directors: INSPIRE OTHERS! Bring your visions to life.

DreamWrights Center for Community Arts provides creative educational experiences through inclusive intergenerational performance and theatre arts programming. Part of our mission of educating people of all ages is realized by providing unique opportunities for Guest Directors.

DreamWrights provides a supportive environment for directors to work with a variety of individuals as a team to collaborate and create an outstanding production. Utilizing different directors also allows the actors, crew, designers, staff, and audiences to experience a variety of leadership styles and creative visions.

Working closely with guidance and mentoring from the Artistic Director, each Guest Director will effectively share a vision for the production and then bring this vision to life through the rehearsal and performance process. This is a volunteer position that receives a small thank-you stipend.

I’m Interested in directing at DreamWrights!  How do I apply?

Application Deadline for the 2020 season is passed.

Application procedure:

Send your letter of interest, resume and vision statement to: info@dreamwrights.org

Please include any applicable theatre experience not noted on your resume. Previous Guest Directors are asked to resubmit updated materials each season. In addition to your resume, please also submit a Director’s vision statement for the production(s) you are most interested in directing. Please submit files as Word documents or PDFs.

As a representative of DreamWrights in a leadership role, all Guest Directors are asked to become a DreamWrights member. Please note that all Guest Director offers are contingent upon successful completion of required background checks.