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We have some Exciting Educational Events happening soon! We don’t just produce plays!  We have workshops and events that help to advance and support our mission. As an educational nonprofit devoted to performance and theatre arts, we have an obligation and a desire to create programming in addition to our season where members and non-members can participate in order to gain valuable training and expertise!  

I really believe in our mission and I also believe that we should aspire to do the highest quality of work that we can and that we offer training to help us do that.  Just because we are a community theatre organization doesn’t mean we shouldn’t provide training and encourage all participants to offer professionally-produced shows!  Historically, the amateur (or non-professional) was considered to be the ideal balance between pure intent, an open mind, and passion for the Theatre. To that end, let me encourage you to sign up for 1 or more of these upcoming events.  

The first event is coming up very soon!  We still have slots available and you can register on our website!

Dreamwrights Professional Actor Training Series- Saturday, January 11th from 8:15 AM -5:00 PM (ages 16-adult)

We are teaming up with professionals from the region to present the first DreamWrights Professional Actor Training Series. This full-day training will send participants through five sessions covering monologue work, acting sessions, movement, audition techniques, and vocal work. Each group will be broken into groups of up to 10 participants giving you a more intimate experience with professionals. 

$65 for DreamWrights members, $75 for non-members. 

For ages 16 and up. Bring your own lunch. Register here!

Stage Management Workshop – Saturday, March 7, 2020, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

(Ages 14-adult.)

Tuition: $45 Members, $50 Non-members  (Lunch included) Register here!

Instructor Lori Koenig, MFA

I have been a Production Stage Manager in a variety of settings and it is a true passion of mine.  The strength of any production relies on the efficiency and knowledge of this person. This workshop will explore what it takes to be a good stage manager according to industry standards and what it means here at DreamWrights. You’ll develop your Stage Manager Toolkit for managing Space, People, Resources and Time. The best Stage Managers bring order to chaos!  The stage management team is the only team that is present for every part of the process from the very beginning until strike is over!  It is so important that our stage managers here at Dreamwrights are trained and follow all of the essential protocols. This workshop will teach that and also empower the stage managers here to do their jobs with a full understanding of what it takes!  

If you are slated as a member of a stage management team for the 2020 season we highly encourage you to take this workshop.*  If you think you might be interested in stage managing in the future, then we highly encourage you to take this workshop.  I think that directors, stage managers, assistant stage managers, deck leads, and other “techies” would benefit from this workshop.  

*Please contact our office for a special deal!!!

Director’s Workshop – Saturday, April 4, 2020, 10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Ages 18-adult

Tuition: $45 Members, $50 Non-members (Lunch included) Register here!

Instructor Lori Koenig, MFA

Being a director of a theatre production is one of the most wonderful experiences in this world.  I loved it so much that I went to graduate school for 3 years just to learn how to do this thing called directing.  There were courses in acting, directing, the creative process, theatre history, dramatic theory and criticism, playscript analysis, lighting, costuming, and scenic design.  The truth is it is as much theory as practice. It is the creation of a vision, an artistic lens and then it is everything… communication, artistry, teaching, patience, organization, understanding, and ultimately the giving over of the show to the actors and crew.  

This workshop will cover the How To’s of: 

Blocking, staging, creating interesting stage pictures and transitions; 

Working with and talking to designers and stage managers; 

Working with actors to get the most from them and how to give them a voice in 

the process; 

Researching, developing a concept, scheduling and time management.

If you are slated to direct a production here at Dreamwrights this year, I would love to invite you to do this workshop.* If you think you would be interested in directing a production in the future, please sign up!  I really think that a common vocabulary and continuing to learn and grow as artists is what this place is all about and the directors are the leaders of that artistry! PLEASE JOIN ME!!!!  

*Please contact our office for a special deal!!!

Thanks for reading!!!  I hope you will consider signing up for all 3 of these events!  We want to offer lots of wonderful programming for you and this is just the beginning! I look forward to getting to know and work with you!