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When they learned about DreamWrights’ Capital Campaign, it was eleven year old Maddie Trimmer’s and fourteen year old Sophie Nicholson’s natural inclination to jump right in to help in any way they could. Maddie remembers her parents discussing the campaign, “I heard them talking about how they were going to donate some money and I said, ‘Well, can I donate some money too?’” So Maddie began doing odd jobs around her mother’s office for some extra cash.

20160725 DW Donors Nicholson Trimmer

Mom Gina Trimmer explains, “DreamWrights is so near and dear to her heart. That it is what comes first. It’s natural for her. When we talked about doing the capital campaign, she said, ‘Well what can I do?!’ Our mouths dropped and it touched us to know that she wanted to give to something. To help.”

Sophie is no stranger to philanthropy. This will be the fifth summer of hosting her lemonade stand to raise money for the non-profits that she believes in. But this recent contribution to the capital campaign was in addition to her annual lemonade stand donation. To earn the extra cash, she picked up some jobs like cat sitting and washing the dog. When she earns money, she divides her earnings into save, spend, and donate. She says she saves up the donate money until she decides what she wants to do with it. “And then we were going to the kickoff event,” she says. She knew the timing was right.

“When I gave money to DreamWrights’ Capital Campaign it made me feel good. I felt like I was helping because DreamWrights is kind of like my second home. It felt exciting for me that we’re getting to contribute to what’s going to happen [with the construction] and how cool that’s going to make DreamWrights with the re-do-al,” Sophie says with a giggle, knowing that she just made up her own word, just like Director Diane.

Maddie interjects, “I hope this place gets more people and opens up a lot more and that people fall in love with it like we did. It is a place that’s really special to a lot of people because you can be yourself and it doesn’t really matter. You don’t get judged. I felt good inside [to give] because it is a place that I really love.”

20160725 Sophie Maddie Giving Girls (33)

“I hope this campaign will help DreamWrights get more recognized,” Sophie anticipates. “This is so big. There were a lot of people who don’t come to DreamWrights who came to that kickoff event. I really hope that maybe they’ll be like, ‘Oh! This is a really cool place and I can help make it better.’ I hope more people will be drawn to the welcoming and loving family of DreamWrights.”

When it is pointed out to the girls that they are role models for not only other kids, but also adults and community members who might not realize the importance of supporting non-profits that they believe in, both girls were dumbfounded. They never thought of themselves as role models. After a few minutes of thinking about it, Sophie humbly comments, “I’ve given before but I never thought about the fact that I could influence someone else to do something of the same.” Maddie modestly agrees, “I didn’t realize that, wow, I might be a role model for some total stranger.”

Although these girls were not the largest donors, they understand that every dollar counts. Sophie nails it, “It doesn’t matter whether it is a dollar or a thousand. You are making a difference. Every step is a closer step to the goal. Even a dollar – that’s stepping closer to where DreamWrights wants to be. It doesn’t matter what you give.” She’s absolutely right. Every amount helps and, even better, there is something about giving that makes you feel good. It makes you feel like you’re part of a larger community working towards a common goal.

Maddie adds, “You are contributing to a great place that could change someone’s life any day. You could be a role model too. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are. Whatever you are… it’s just… you count!”

About DreamWrights’ Capital Campaign
On July 1, DreamWrights kicked off the public phase of its $2.5 million Capital Campaign. This campaign will allow DreamWrights to make the investments necessary to increase the reach of its special programs and provide accessibility to all. The capital project will achieve two strategic goals: to grow programs and audience and to revitalize our landmark, historic building. Community support is essential in helping DreamWrights reach its $2.5 million goal.