Special Events 

Ernesto Rosas

The Art of Acting: One Night Intensive Workshop

Thursday, August 29 from 6-8 pm

Taught by Ernesto Rosas

The Definition of Acting: Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

In this workshop, you’ll learn techniques that will allow you the freedom to make choices that are real and from your character’s heart, soul and mind.  You’ll use movement to help release tension, script analysis, and breakdown to thoroughly understand your character, their arc, who they are in the midst of the world created by the writer and what they mean to those around them.  You’ll take time to flesh out relationships, previous circumstances and why they are where they are in the scene.  You’ll learn about actions and objectives, vulnerability and strength as the character as well as an artist.  And we’ll work together to understand what it takes to make your character live and breathe off the page, and onto the stage.

This workshop is open to ages 15 through adult.  Tuition is $20 for DreamWrights members or $30 for non-members. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in this exciting workshop- reserve your spot today using the link below.

About Ernesto Rosas

Ernesto is an American TV and Film Actor, Writer, Voice-Over Artist and Songwriter.

Born and raised in South Texas, Ernesto began his journey in the entertainment industry as a drummer/ vocalist in local rock bands, playing small parts in school and church plays and basically being a class clown.  His first major acting accomplishment was being directed by Peter Berg on the hit series Friday Night Lights.  Life and new responsibilities brought him to New York City where he landed roles on Blue Bloods, Unforgettable, Body of Proof (opposite Dana Delany), X-Men: First Class (opposite Kevin Bacon) and Brawl in Cell Block 99 (opposite Vince Vaughn) among many others.  In his spare time, Ernesto goes back to his first love, music, as he is an accomplished songwriter writing for major Country Music Artists.

“Life inspires.  There’s so much to see and live through.  I’ve never wanted to go through life asking “what if?”  So I go for it and I use it in my acting, my writing and my growth as person.”

York Fringe Festival

The York Fringe Festival returns to DreamWrights in its second year with two performances!

Tales from the Lips: The Coochie Chronicles

Friday, Aug. 23 & Saturday, Aug. 24 at 6:30 p.m.

What would your vagina say, if it had a voice? What stories would it tell? Would it talk about how you treat it? The soap it hates? The thongs that are all wrong? The best and the worst of your sex life? Find out during “Tales from the Lips: The Coochie Chronicles.” This show is for mature audiences.