Grateful for Give Local York

Our Giving Statistics!

$11,868 Raised!
170 Supporters
38% New donors
13 Anonymous donors
Gifts ranged in size from $10 to $1,000 (average gift = $70)
92% of donors covered the fees
25 Gifts designated in Honor or Memory
20 States represented (plus Hong Kong)
We stayed in the top 7 for number of gifts raised ALL day (top 3 for the first hour!)

Gifts Given in Memory of

Thelma and Roy Bitzer, Kurt Block, Steve Doud, Betty and Elwood Fink,
Dr. Kenneth W. Johnson, Ann Noll, Sasha Thompkins, Penny Walsh

Gifts Given in Honor of

A contribution by York Water in appreciation to our employees who volunteer for this organization, Ann Davis, Calida Davis, Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect video games, Calida Davis & Rosa Terlazzo & April Nabholz, Robert McCleary, Angela Brockway, Jacob Schlenker, Noah Conway, Richard Turner, StAGEs-what fun!4258, Stephanie Walsh, The Reinfords, Trisha Melikian, York Academy – in honor of Susan Krebs

DW Giving Incentive Prize Winners!

Ticket 4-Pack winners in honor of our 21st year:
  • The 21st gift giver anonymously donated her Ticket 4-pack to someone in need!
  • We did not receive a $210 gift – no winner!
  • Bob Pullo’s donation brought us up to our $2000 board match!
  • Kristen Marriot of Massachusetts for her gift at 2100 hours!
  • We raised $3,353 between 8:00 & 10:00 am bringing in a generous “HANDY” match of $500!
  • Donnie Good won a tour of our 3,900 sq. ft. building with our Teen Board Members for the gift that brought us closest to $3900!
  • James Rodkey of Hong Kong gets a DW t-shirt for furthest gift received!
  • 7 people received an Astro Lasso vinyl record!
  • Suzanne McConkey’s gift took us past our $5,000 goal (DW t-shirt, Flip camera, and a Ticket 4-Pack)!

Thank you, i-ron-ic, our Give Local York Partner
$1 per cup was donated back to DreamWrights all day on May 4th!

DreamWrights was open all day as a Collaborative Workspace Hub for GIVE LOCAL YORK non-profits!

We enjoyed sharing our space with these great non-profits:


May 4th Schedule

7:00-10:00 Morning commute:
Donuts and Coffee from Maple Donuts and I-ron-ic!
10:30-11:00  StAGEs performance
11:00-1:00 Lunch – bring your own bagged lunch
2:00-4:00 Afternoon Tea and Theatre Tours at 2:00 and 3:00
4:00-5:00 Happy Hour ($5 suggested donation) with live acoustic music by Astro Lasso
Downtown for First Friday!
5:00-9:00 We’re headquartered at i-ron-ic Squared! (Connecting WeWeCo with WeCo with Downtown)
Come visit our “Building Characters” Dress Up Booth and have a cup of coffee!
9:00-12:00 Central Market “Wrap Party!”

Astro Lasso performed in the Studio at 4:00 pm. Seven people made a gift of $25 or more to DreamWrights and got a FREE Astro Lasso vinyl LP!