“Under Construction” Updates

On April 3rd, we welcomed our construction team:

Check out the lovely renderings by our team at

Our Tear It Up Tuesdays were a success thanks to many:

Pride & Prejudice teens, Rodd Robertson and Alma Rooney – THANK YOU!
Additional thanks to: Jim Stauch, Sue Davis, Kevin Mikula, Colby Geesey, Saria Rumsey, Katelyn and Ryan Harper, Matthew and Jacob Schlenker, Amy Young, Mitch McLaughlin, Joe Wagman, Paula Rineer, Susan Fife, the Weiskopf clan, Tynia Smallwood, Laticia Yumang, Dana Cutti, Laura Laux, Renee Taylor, Brett Catone, Annie Stich, Andrea, Dave & Jonah Unger, Andi Cooper, Stacey Kuhn, Becky Rill, Kevin Alvarnaz, Suzanne & Vance McConkey.

The Pride & Prejudice team surrounds the column that will be removed for the studio.