Show Participant Information

Important information to help you make the most of your DreamWrights experience.
Thanks for playing your part in our current production! Please use this page to reference forms, terminology and general questions about the process – from Read Thru to Strike, including:
Who? The people who make it happen.
What? The terminology of our theatre.

Who?(The people who make it all happen!)
Concessions Volunteers: Set up and sell concessions during intermission and clean up afterwards.
Costume Crew: Create costumes and assist in costume changes and repairs during performances.
Costume Designer: Designs, pulls and/or builds of all costuming.
Critter Crew: Create show related “critters’ to sell in the lobby during shows. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
Director: Responsible for all parts of the production from auditioning through strike. (Other possible directors: musical director, conductor, choreographer, fight master, assistant director)
Food Helper: Assist kitchen coordinators in setting up, serving, and cleaning up meals. (Read more about ⦁ Volunteer Positions)
Kitchen Coordinator: Organize the meals for cast and crew on tech weekends, between shows on Saturdays and at the strike party.
Light Crew: Run theatre lighting during performances.
Lighting Designer:  Designs, hangs, focuses and cues stage lighting.
Lobby Sale Volunteer: Sell show mementos in the lobby before and after the performances and during intermission.
Photographer: Shoots still photos – headshots of all cast/crew and show shots. Photos are available to purchase on a CD or online at the end of each run.
PSM:  (Production Stage Manager) Assists the director in running rehearsals, scheduling conflicts, and calls light and sound cues during performances. Give your scheduling conflicts to your PSM in writing.
Production Coordinator: Handle the business end of the show: money, programs, t-shirts, lobby gift shop, ticket sales, paperwork and the front of house operations & volunteers during shows.
Program Handler: Hand playbills to patrons as they enter the theatre and pick up any trash in theatre after show ends.
Props Crew: Identify, find, create and organize all props as well as setting and removing props on stage during shows.
Props Mistress/Master: Work with and overseeing the Props Crew in finding, creating and running all props.
Set Designer: Designs the look and functionality of the set.
Set Crew: Helps build the set and move set pieces during the show.
Sound Crew: Executes sound cues during performances.
Sound Designer: Creates and records the sound and music cues as well as any microphone and speaker setups.
SM: (Stage manager) assist the Director and PSM in rehearsing and running the show.
TD: (Technical Director) oversees the volunteers through the building and running of the set.
Ticket Taker: Greet patrons as they enter theatre, take tickets, tear the stubs and count the stubs.

What?  (The terminology of our theatre!)

Blacks:  Black clothing worn by crew members during performances.
Block Ticket Sponsor: (form) For $100 or $200, you or your business can donate a block of 10 or 20 tickets to one of the local organizations that serve youth and families. For $120 or $240, you can provide intermission snacks along with the tickets.  Your gift provides others with a chance to see live theatre!
Blocking: Stage directions indicating when and where each character moves on stage.
Business Cards: Provided for cast and crew members, these cards list performance dates/times/ticket prices (circle the specific shows you are performing in). Hand these out to all your friends, neighbors, family, school mates, etc.
Call Times: When actors and crew arrive and sign in at the theater – usually one hour before performance time.
Concessions:  Snacks and beverages sold during the 15 intermission of shows.
Dream Sponsor: Sponsor an individual performance of your choice for $100 – get your name on a poster in the lobby and a public thank you at that performance. Sponsor one as a special gift for one of your gang or in memory of a loved one.
Dry Tech:  A technical rehearsal for management and light & sound crews only, usually.
Full Tech:  The technical dress rehearsal in which all technical aspects are added; lights, sound, set, props, costumes and include all cast and crew.
Food: (form) Signup sheet for potluck meals, sub and pizza preferences, and food fee for meals on tech weekend, between Saturday shows and the Strike Party.
Forms Due: This listing on the schedule means all forms and fees are due by this particular date.
Front of House: Tasks required that support patrons coming to see shows: programs, ticket taking, lobby sales, and concessions during intermission.
Good Shows:  (form) Optional brief message for specific or general cast and crew members to be included in the program purchased by family and friends. (Use “good show” since “good luck” means the opposite in the theatre.)
Green Room: The lounge area upstairs where cast and crew wait between cues and appearances. (No visitors are allowed.)
Headshots: Individual photos taken of all cast and crew members for lobby display board. (These are available for purchase on the Photo CD or online.)
House:  The theatre space where the audience sits.
Info Meeting: Initial meeting of all cast, crew and parents where forms are distributed and explained and you can tour the building.
Intermission: 15 minute break between acts when patrons can use the bathroom, buy concessions or lobby sale items.
Lobby Sales: Show mementos sold in the lobby during the run of a show.
O.B.: Off book.  This means all lines are memorized and scripts are no longer used on stage.
Opening Night Receptions: Food and drink in concessions area following the close of each opening performance where patrons can visit with cast and crew.
“Other”:  DW main stage shows are double cast. The other person who plays your part is called your “Other.”
Parking: During performances, cast and crew park at rear of building, in lower church lot, or alongside DW next to railroad tracks.
Pick up and Drop off: Please be on time! Call 848-8623 x 224 if you’ll be late! Children may not wait in the parking lot unattended.  Please come in to collect your actor or crew person. During performances, drop cast and crew at middle blue doors (blue portion of building).
Photography: (form) All head shots and show shots are available on CD or online for purchase after the show closes.  Our policy – no photography during performances.
Proud Parent Pin: (form) Optional buttons with the picture of the cast or crew member in costume or in blacks, with the show name and date.
Publicity Photos: One rehearsal evening dedicated to shooting pictures of a few cast members to be used for press releases.
Read Thru: First full rehearsal with ALL cast and crews when we “read through” the script.
Run Thru:  The specified act or the entire show will be rehearsed.  There are no costumes, lights or sound.
Strike:  Party at the close of the show during which everyone helps “strike” (take down) the set, put away props, costumes, etc.  There is a meal provided and we take this time to thank everyone for their hard work.
TBA:  To be announced.
T-Shirts: (form) Optional t-shirts with the show logo available for purchase by deadline on form. Order as many as you like using one form.
Tickets: (form) General and reserved seating are available. Shows sell out so order your tickets early! Ticket purchased at the window prior to the performance are $2.00 more per ticket.

About Rehearsals
Arrive on time as posted on your schedule.
immediately.
Call 848-8623 x224 if you’ll be late or absent. (Leave a message if necessary)
Be quiet while others are working on stage.
Actors – write down all of your blocking and learn all of your lines and blocking.
Conflicts are to be turned in at the first rehearsal and should not occur from tech weekend on.
Crew members – attend your meetings and work sessions as scheduled. From tech rehearsal on, plan to be here unless notified othewise.
About Tech
Actors (and crew members who will be changing into blacks) will be assigned a dressing room cubby for the storage of personal belongings and any costume items they may have been asked to bring, such as tights or special shoes. Items used for the show should be left in the cubby for the duration and not taken home after each performance. Please leave all valuables at home (i.e. jewelry, phones, other electronic devices).   Food sent from home should be delivered to the kitchen.  Mark all pots, pans, lids, crock pot pieces, plugs and utensils with your last name and take them home the same day or as soon as possible.
About Performances
Arrive on time.
Call times are 1 hour prior to show time.
Cast… check your props, sign in up in the green room, get in costume, and wait quietly in the green room.
Crew… check your show responsibilities, sign in up in the green room, and wait quietly.
No one may eat in costume.
No one may watch standing in the back of the house.
No visitors … allowed in the green room, on the catwalk or backstage.  (This includes your “other”, extra crew, friends, or family.)
Quiet in the Green Room so you can hear your cues!
Cast … neatly hang up your costumes, each piece on a separate hanger, when finished.  Wrinkles and stains don’t look good on stage, and no one wants to put on a damp costume.
Volunteers… please check in with producers. Saving seats before the house opens is not permitted. Ask someone in line to save a seat for you.
Supporting the Performance (Very important stuff)
Families can support their actors and crew members in many ways:
•  Before the performance, run lines with actors and reinforce the  importance of their responsibility to fellow cast and crew members.
•  During the performance, minimize distractions to cast, crew and audience by turning off all cell phones and electronic devices.
•  Make sure children visit the restroom before the performance begins and again at intermission.
•  Review proper theatre behavior with young audience members so they understand that wiggling, talking, etc. is impolite to other audience members as well as cast and crew.
•  There is no food or drink permitted in the theatre.
•  Waving to your family and friends on stage breaks everyone’s concentration and can affect the quality of the entire performance.
•  Photography and/or videography is NOT permitted during performances.
•  Please do your part to make it a Good Show for ALL!

DreamWrights Ticket Policy:
Tickets are non-refundable, but may be exchanged for a different performance of the same show at no charge.   The tickets being exchanged must be mailed or brought in to the theatre office in order to issue the requested ones.  NO tickets will be exchanged the day of the performance.  There is a $2 upcharge on all tickets purchased at the window directly prior to the performance.  All persons, regardless of age, must have a ticket.
Dinner at DW
Meals, provided through a combination of purchased foods and potluck items, are served during the break between Saturday shows, on tech weekend and at the strike party.  Participants pay an initial, one-time fee, per cast or crew member, which goes toward these expenses.   The call time for meals between shows is generally 4:30. A cast member who chooses not to eat may arrive at 5:30, but MUST let the PSM know so the “other” may leave.   Family and friends of cast and crew are welcome to join, however for each non-show person there is a $3.00 charge.  A basket is located on the snack table for this purpose. Because we are not prepared to accommodate many guests, we ask that larger groups of visitors eat out. There are many excellent restaurants nearby.
*Please note that everyone eats without charge at the strike party; and cast, crew and immediate family are encouraged to attend. Everyone attending must sign up in advance so we’re sure to have enough food.

Volunteer Positions and “job descriptions”
Everyone – crew, cast and family members are needed!   Please check with a production coordinator or staff member about how you can help with the work which must be done for each production and its performances.  Sign-up sheets are always available, but please sign up early for the jobs you would most like to have.
Concessions:  Volunteers set up 20 minutes prior to intermission to sell refreshments. Check with a producer to find out the time of intermission.  Please plan to watch the show on a different night. You will be responsible for counting the money in your cash box before and after your shift. After intermission, you need to clean up, restock snack baskets for the next show, fill out a deposit slip, and give the money in the provided envelope to a producer.
Gift Shop:  Volunteers will be selling lobby sale items before and after the shows and during intermission.  Arrive at 2:00 (matinees) and 6:00 (evening shows).  Check in with the producers at the box office. You will be responsible for counting the money in your cash box before and after your shift.  At the end of your shift, you will also need to fill out a deposit slip, put the money in the envelope provided, and give it to a producer.
Ticket Takers:   Arrive at 2:00 (matinees) and 6:00 (evening shows). Check in with the producers at the box office.  You will take tickets at the entrance to the theatre lobby. Tear the tickets in half, keep the small bottom stub, and give the other portion of the ticket back to the attendee.  If you are not watching the show, please count the ticket stubs, place them in numerical order, and give them to the producer.  If you are watching, please give the ticket stubs to the producer.
Program Handlers: Arrive at 2:00 (matinees) and 6:00 (evening).  Before the house opens, check the seating area for any items left behind and pick up any trash.  You will hand out programs in the lobby preshow. Everyone should get one. You can also assist as a greeter with the ticket taker.
Ticket Takers or Program Handlers: whoever stays through the show, please let your producer know you’ll be our bouncer. During intermission please stand in the entryway to the house & remind people that no food or drink can be taken into the theatre unless it is put in a safe place such as a purse, etc. until after the show. Take a trashcan to the theatre entrance for this purpose.
Meals: Food is needed for meals, and servers and kitchen help are required in order to feed such a large group.
Workdays: These are specific days scheduled for set work and special projects. Everyone is welcome to help.
Fun Fund-Raising For All
Needless to say, our ticket sales cannot pay all of the bills. However, DreamWrights is committed to keeping affordable ticket prices for families. Therefore, fund-raising events are crucial. We ask participants to support our specially planned fund raisers during the run of each season show. Specific information will be distributed at the start of each show. Thanks for your help!