The History of Phase I and II:

In 2016, we embarked on a $2.5m capital campaign and were successful in securing commitments for $1,909,635. To compensate for the shortfall, we took our drawings to the City to request dividing the construction into two phases. The City gave us permission with the caveat that we complete Phase II in a timely manner addressing the final life and safety code issues and bringing our building up to full compliance.

We successfully completed the construction of Phase I in 2017, paid off the construction loan in January of 2020, and just completed collections on the 5-year pledges. Of the $1.9 m committed, only $13,377 was deemed uncollectible.

What was included in Phase I?

A new Studio performance space; a renovated lobby, concessions, and kitchen; new ADA-compliant restrooms on both levels; a laundry room; a new box office; a new compliant passenger/freight elevator; upgraded mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems.

What is included in Phase II?
Replacement of the front staircase from basement to third floor with steel and cement staircase and a fire-rated, compliant stair tower. The front business offices will be updated and renovated to code. The second-floor work includes two new dressing rooms, a make-up room, a classroom, office space, and a multipurpose meeting room. The third floor will include a fire-rated separation wall from the stair tower.

How can YOU get involved?

Join us for one of our Phase II workdays on Sunday, May 16, and Saturday, May 22. We will work as a team to clear and prep all areas for upcoming construction in mid-June. And you can meet our new Artistic Director – Gregory DeCandia. Let’s show him what we can do together!