The History of Phase I and II:

In 2016, we embarked on a $2.5m capital campaign and successfully secured commitments for $1,909,635. To compensate for the remaining shortfall, we divided the construction into two phases. The City gave us permission to do so with the caveat that we complete Phase II in a timely manner addressing the final life and safety code issues and bringing our building up to full compliance.

We successfully completed the construction of Phase I in 2017, paid off the construction loan in January of 2020, and completed collections on the 5-year pledges. Of the $1.9 m committed, only $13,377 was deemed uncollectible.

What was included in Phase I?

A new Studio performance space; a renovated lobby, concessions, and kitchen; new ADA-compliant restrooms on both levels; a laundry room; a new box office; a new compliant passenger/freight elevator; upgraded mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems.

What is included in Phase II?
Replacement of the front staircase from basement to third floor with steel and cement staircase and a fire-rated, compliant stair tower. The front business offices will be updated and renovated to code. The second-floor work includes two new dressing rooms, a make-up room, a classroom, office space, and a multipurpose meeting room. The third floor will include a fire-rated separation wall from the stair tower.

How can YOU get involved?

Join us by donating to help cover the costs! Pledges from Phase I covered all of the initial construction loan and gave us a cushion for almost half of the costs for Phase II. With your help, we’ll get this Phase paid for, too!