Facility Rental


Our recent renovations provide even more possibilities!

Host your seminar, reception, performance or event
at our award winning location!

Intimate, unique and affordable in a historic, repurposed factory building

  • Conference Room
    (max 20 people)
  • Concessions Area/Kitchen
    (max 100 people without tables, 60 with tables)
  • Concessions Area/Kitchen/Main Lobby
    (max 150 people without tables, 80 with tables)
  • Studio/Main Lobby
    (Studio seating ranges from 75-100)
  • Studio/Main Lobby/Concessions/Kitchen
    (max 200 people without tables, 80 with tables)
  • Blue Lobby/Main Stage Theatre
    (maximum 170 people)
  • Both Lobbies/Main Stage Theatre/Concessions
    (max 170 people in theatre)