Beauty and the Beast Cast and Crew List

Thank you for auditioning! Here is the cast and crew list for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. We had a large number of enthusiastic and talented auditionees. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cast everyone. If you were not successful, we strongly encourage you to audition again!

If you see your name, congrats to you! We’re excited to get started. Please note that if you haven’t done so already, you MUST send a message to by 8pm on Sunday to accept you role. Thanks!

All Beauty and the Beast cast, crew members, and parents are required to attend an important information meeting on Monday, August 21 from 6-8 pm.

Beauty and the Beast Role/ Position
Last Name First Name Cast Character Crew
Hargreaves Mark Beast Beast
Brown Bryan Beauty Beast
Gaffey Tori Beast Belle
Gallagher Kayleigh Beauty Belle
Baer Eddie Beast Maurice
Unger Dave Beauty Maurice
Ferrell Billy Beast Gaston
Alvarnaz Kevin Beauty Gaston
Dinneen Scot Beast Lefou
Mikula Kevin Beauty Lefou
Pizziketti Tim Beast Lumiere
Flemmens Brandon Beauty Lumiere
Nowell Amanda Beast Cogsworth
Dill Logan Beauty Cogsworth
Wilkowski Christina Beast Mrs. Potts
Wolf Rebecca Beauty Mrs. Potts
Harper Kenna Beast Chip
Pituch Isaac Beauty Chip
Mueller Cora Beast Babette
Smith Cassandra Beauty Babette
Seifarth Shelley Beast and Beauty de le Grande Bouche
Brown Chris Beast Monsieur D’Arque
Rosenzweig Ben Beauty Monsieur D’Arque
Ferrell William Beast Young Prince Props Team
Gilbert Megan Beast Silly Girl
Giannone Brittne Beauty Silly Girl
Melbert Larissa Beast Silly Girl
Smith Lauren Beauty Silly Girl
Kearney Maria Beauty Silly Girl
O’Connor Riley beast Bookseller
Flagle Leah Beauty Bookseller
Moser Jacob Beast Gaston Cronie
Herrington Jack Beast Gaston Cronie
Youcheff Noah Beauty Gaston Cronie
Sullivan Garrett Beauty Gaston Cronie
Lewin Iris Beast Mother
Shipley Kirsten Beauty Mother
Watson Elizabeth Beast Aristocratic Lady
Arechiga Alan Beast Man w/ Baby
Parr Logan Beast Fish Man
Einsig Lilly Beauty Fish Lady
Ford Emily Beast Egg Lady
Grove Sara Beauty Egg Lady
Diaz Lydia Beast Sausage Girl
Papyannis Sophia Beauty Sausage Girl
Costello Alex Beast Baker
Nicholson Sophia Beauty Baker
McKinnon Margaret Beast Lady w/ Cane
Spangler McKenna Beauty Lady w/ Cane
Cutti Dana Beauty Lady w/ Baby
Bazzle Leah Beast Candle Lady
Desautels Yvie Beauty Candle Lady
Ferrell Rebecca Beast Salt Shaker
Shipley Victoria Beauty Salt Shaker
Harper Katelyn Beast Milkmaid
Goebeler Nittany Beauty Milkmaid
Kennedy Patrick Beast Shepherd
Kisielnicki Emma Beauty Shepherd
Fisher Lexi Beast Hat Seller Costume Ast.
Scott-Wise Laura Beauty Hat Seller
Doran Natalie Beast Pepper Shaker
Smith Anna Beauty Pepper Shaker
Lange Sophia Beast Napkin (Wolf)
Crowe Jessica Beast Napkin (Wolf)
Noll Sierra Beauty Napkin (Wolf)
Lerch Melissa Beast Napkin (Wolf)
Dinneen Catie Beast Napkin (Wolf)
Shaffer Hunter Beauty Napkin (Wolf)
Miles Aaliyah Beauty Napkin (Wolf)
Pituch Olivia Beauty Napkin (Wolf)
Steel Addie Beast Plate Costume Ast.
Grove Michelle Beauty Plate Costume Ast.
Shue Madelyn Beast Plate Costume Ast.
Trimmer Maddie Beauty Plate Costume Ast.
Reeser Alison Beast Plate Costume Ast.
Marcus Becky Beast Plate
Taylor Kirsten Beauty Plate Props Team
Youcheff Sara Beast Flatware Props Team
Stumpf Lily Beauty Flatware
Herrington Madeline Beast Flatware
Pituch Cecilia Beauty Flatware Props Team
Hudak Ally Beast Flatware, Wolf
Fraser Sophie Beauty Flatware Costume Ast.
Brown Steve Beast PSM
Fraser Kristen Beauty PSM
Watson John Beast ASM
Cutti Dana Beauty ASM
Cooper Makaela Beast ASM
Martin Jacquelyn Beauty ASM
Lohss Emma Beast Costume Ast.
Unger Jonah Beauty Costume Ast.
Ferrell Julia Beast Costume Ast.
Kirk-Jadric Neva Beauty Costume Ast.
Norton Michelle Beast Costume Ast.
Alvarnaz Hannah Beauty Costume Ast.
Fife Cali Beauty Costume Ast.
Werner David Beast Props Leader
Taylor Missy Beauty Props Leader
Watson Meg Beast Props Team
Mooney Caitlyn Beauty Props Team
McKinnon Jacinta Beast Props Team
Newman Dianne Beauty Props Team
Baer Elise Beast Props Team
Dill Isabella Beauty Props Team
Alvarnaz Lydia Beauty Props Team
Fogle Rory Beauty Props Team
Newman Skylar Beauty Props Team
Werner Emily Beast Props Team
Lee Dylan Beast Props Team
Wagner Katrena Beast Critter Crew Leader
Mariano Andrea Beauty Critter Crew Leader
Lewis Christina Beast C.C. Team
Mariano Taryn Beauty C.C. Team
Elliot Claire Beauty C.C. Team
Moore Bronwen Beast C.C. Team
Linnell Gabriella Beauty C.C. Team
Stewart Faith Beast C.C. Team
Toms Will Beast Light Board Operator
Catterall Christine Beauty Light Board Operator
Kirk-Jadric Ane Beauty Spotlight Operator
Ney Conner Beast Sound Board Operator
Ney Michael Beast Sound Board Operator
Fraser Steve Beauty Sound Board Operator
Fraser William Beauty Sound Board Operator
Lewin Amelia Beast Building/Stage Crew
Benson Victoria Beauty Building/Stage Crew
Harper Ryan Beast Building/Stage Crew
Hengst Jack Beauty Building/Stage Crew
Lee Callyn Beast Building/Stage Crew
Hengst Kendall Beauty Building/Stage Crew
Ferrell Elizabeth Beast Building/Stage Crew
Kisielnicki Clara Beauty Building/Stage Crew
Stackhouse Alexa Beast Building/Stage Crew
Hengst Lily Beauty Building/Stage Crew
Maiellano Abbie Beast Building/Stage Crew
Fife Samuel Beauty Building/Stage Crew
Maiellano Madelyn Beast Building/Stage Crew
Elliot Bess Beauty Building/Stage Crew
Steel Jennifer Beast Production Coordinator
Cutti Karen Beauty Production Coordinator
Harper Melissa Beast Production Coordinator
Trimmer Gina Beauty Production Coordinator
Hudak Nancy Beast Production Coordinator
Cooper Andi Beast Production Coordinator
Martin Kristie Beauty Production Coordinator