Audition Prep and Scenes: Becky’s New Car

You will be auditioning for Kirk Wisler, Guest Director

Please select ONE of the following audition selections and prepare it to the best of your ability. The choice to memorize or to carry the script into the room is yours to make. There will be a Reader in the room to read with you for the scenes.

Audition Selections: (Click on character name for each pdf.)

BECKY: Prepare p. 9 from“Hi. Hello. Wait a second“ to p. 10 “Oh I’m sorry. Did you want one?”

JOE: Prepare p. 15 from “Hey Beck- it’s me” to p. 16 “Beck—you there?”

WALTER: Prepare p. 22 from “Rebecca?” to “And once again: I’m sorry.”

STEVE: Prepare p. 26 from: “-I want to get past this stuff” to p. 27 “NEVER EVER GIVE HIM BACK.”

CHRIS: Prepare p.  12 from “Yeah- hey- what’s up?” to p. 14 “Mom, what are you doing with your life?”

KENNI: Prepare p. 45 from “It’s a lie okay?!” to: “I never even turned it off.”

GINGER: Prepare p. 35 from “Walter” to p. 36 “…even if he didn’t really want me.”


BECKY (REBECCA) FOSTER- adult female, stretched to the max and doing everything she can to make ends meet
JOE FOSTER- adult male, Becky’s husband, blue collar worker, family comes first
CHRIS FOSTER- young adult male, son of Becky and Joe, college student who still lives at home
WALTER FLOOD- adult male, businessman, very wealthy, widowed
KENSINGTON (KENNI) FLOOD- young adult female, Walter’s daughter
STEVE- adult male, Becky’s co-worker, widowed, still not over his wife’s death
GINGER- adult female, Walter’s neighbor, independent, single, looking for the right one

If you have specific questions regarding auditions, you may contact Laurie Riffe at

June 18
by appointment beginning at 6:00 pm

Ages 19 to adult